Mobile App Developer Training & Consultant

About Us

Appsflex is a private funded agency specializing in mobile application content for Android and IOS Apps. Appsflex is the first training provider in the country to launch IOS and Android courses. We have successfully trained more than 500 developers in mobile application technology, and equipped more than 1000 developers with our best selling workshop.

Appsflex stands out from the other training providers by incorporating real world training content in it's delivery, empowering programmers and developers to efficiently and competently execute their tasks right from the start.

Mobile App Development

Build, design, publish and monetize your applications and launch it into Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery and Apple IOS AppStore.

YouTube Monetizing

Learn to monetize your videos on YouTube


Edit or create images and vectors professionally

Microsoft Office

Learn how to use Microsoft's software


Our vision is to be among the most innovative and competitive companies. We believe technology can enhance a better life for everyone, if used for a good cause. We develop mobile application training & development methodologies with cutting edge technologies to make the world a better place to live.


Our mission is to be the leading mobile application development company, and we aim to develop mobile applications that can change the way we do our day to day work, just with a click of a button.