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In days of yore, kids wanted to be policemen, kung fu experts or jet fighters when they grew up. They saw what was being glorified on television and in the movies and said, “Daddy, that is what I want to do!” These days, kids may want to grow up to be great mobile developers. It could happen.

Appsflex is making that easier than ever to learn to develop for Android. Last night it introduced a new beta program, Appsflex Training, a collection of classes designed to help mobile developers make better Mobile apps. Google realizes that in the realm of public opinion Android apps are perceived to be inferior to iOS. Hence, Android Training is targeted to help developers make slicker, sexier, more functional apps.

Appsflex Training will be led by the Appsflex Developer Relations team. The program will grow in time but as of today it has 11 basic classes. The program has code snippets and sample code that developers can build from to help create better apps. Here is the starter list:

  • Designing for multiple screens
  • Improving layout performance
  • Managing audio playback
  • Optimizing battery life
  • Remembering users
  • Sharing content
  • Capturing photos
  • Maintaining multiple APKs
  • Developing for enterprise
  • Monetizing your app
  • Designing effective navigation
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