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SketchUp Pro Course

2 Days Courses

Do you want to learn 3D design and modeling for hands-on? This SketchUp Pro Course will shows how to use many tools in Sketchup through the center of the model home project from the beginning. This SketchUp Pro Course is designed for absolute beginners, no significant prior experience with SketchUp or 3D modeling is required.

You will begin to learn how to set up templates and toolbars, as well as basic drawing tools, such as lines, rectangles and rectangular played, circles, and freehand tools. You will then jump into learning how to create different types of roofs. And will show you how to organize your model, and create a level two additional openings, and import and edit textures. This SketchUp Pro Course also covers how to create ceilings, stairs, doors and windows, a fireplace, and a kitchen. You will learn how to use the 3D warehouse and add furniture, furnishings, models of image, and makes the outside of the house. Finally, you will learn how to create a composite made in Photoshop, create a presentation with layout, and render and export.

When you have finished this computer-based SketchUp Pro Course, you will be able to fully use the tools provided in SketchUp to create your own 3D model.

What are the conditions ?
Working copy software SketchUp 2015.

What I will get from this course ?
Shows the principle of drafting and 3D design
using tools and features of SketchUp to create a house or structure is modeled from scratch .

What is the target audience ?
Anyone with an interest in learning or formulating principles Sketchup.


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